Money Capital Live is non-discretionary in nature- thus keeping you in complete control of your currency & money while you seek professional advice.Firstly, In this service we provide Currency research report and calls per day in forex depends on forex Market conditions it is possible to select currency futures or currency options as may be the case. While the USD/INR pair is the most traded in both futures and options, other pairs are also picking up steam. Options on currencies can be a limited risk method of participating in the currency market for retail investors.

Once the product is identified, the second step is to identify the specific currency pair of choice. You can opt for the USD / INR pair, the Pound / INR pair, the Euro / INR pair or the Yen / INR pair. While the USD/INR pair is the most actively traded, other pairs like the Euro pair and the Pound pair is also attracting trading interest. Currency pairs give a good opportunity to trade currencies and also to hedge currency risk. The Currency Get Quotes page on FVM Securities can be a veritable starting point for you.

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