In this service we provide personalized customer service refers to delivering customized services that cater to the exact needs and wants of the customer. In this service we provide research report of combo including CASH, OPTION, INDEX FUTURE/OPTION, BTST,POSITIONAL,ipos,ENERGY AND METALS, This way a customer can feel more connected to our company. Because the customers receive tailor-made solutions to their problems, it leaves them with a sense of satisfaction.

Featured Financial Services
  • 01. In this pack we will provide the calls as per the product designed.
  • 02. Portfolio will be diversified in different segment of financial market.
  • 03. Global Market technical trend with support and resistance.
  • 04. Domestic and Global Market position Overview.
  • 05. Technical trend with support and resistance.
  • 06. Technical trend of major commodities.
  • 07. Support & Resistance of all the major commodities.
  • 08. Bullion/Commodity overview.
  • 09. Economic Update.
  • 10. Customer Support 24*7.